UGCY resident host, MOBO award winning Singer and Celebrity Vocal Coach Rachel Kerr, has launched an exceptional online product to help all singers learn how to sing with power with her online training course ‘The Official Guide to Powerful Singing’

With Over 28 full instructional teaching videos, 25+ practical vocal exercises and vocal demonstrations from the award winning singer herself. This complete and thorough teaching course breaks down exactly what is needed to develop:

  • Vocal projection (the ability to sing louder)
  • Vocal power (the ability to have a more impactful tone)
  • Vocal strength (the stamina to sing for longer)
  • Vocal Freedom (the ability to sing with no vocal tension)

Want to know more? WATCH HERE YoK74iEB_mM

With lifetime access to the course whenever you want, healthy and powerful singing is now easier than ever. Rachel Kerr has not only toured with mega stars such as Ms Lauryn Hill & Brandy and sang for Former US President Bill Clinton but she has taught MTV award winning celebrities and singers all over the world… now it’s your turn! 

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 Happy Singing!