Over the years we have been privileged to work with over 70 universities and seen thousands of students perform on the UGCY stage. We are about to enter our 12th year and inviting all choirs to once again enter one of the biggest UK inter-university events of the year!

Here is just a taste of the amazing time we had  UGCY 2023:

Missed out on previous years performances? Check them out on youtube! 



We will be open for entries to the 12th annual UGCY from 13th November 2023

UPDATED Closing date for Entries: November 30th 2023

Public Social Media weekly challenges and Vote via Tik Tok and IG:  1st Dec – 30th Dec

Finalists Announced: 1st January 2024

Date of UGCY 2024 Finals: March 2024 


This year’s theme will be announced soon

UGCY 2024 Entry Process:

The UGCY entry process is easy so there is no excuse! All you have to do is submit a video of your choir singing, meeting the criteria outlined below:

  1. Choirs are to submit an audition video which must last no longer 5 mins. NOTE: It does not need to be in line with theme. (Check out some of our favourite past auditions here). Choirs can choose to sing one or more songs. At the same time we ask each choir to record 3 SEPARATE one (1) min video of them singing for each weekly challenge
  2. Our panel of esteemed Judges will review the submitted AUDITION videos (not the christmas videos) in line with the UGCY judging criteria (excl. theme), to whittle down the entries to a shortlist of 10 entries (number of shortlisted choirs are subject to change at UGCY’s discretion).
  3. The shortlisted entries will be announced by 1st December and the challenge videos will be put forward to public vote via the UGCY Tik Tok, UGCY Instagram page and youtube page whereby the public vote will count for 60% of the overall score. The remaining 40% will come from the judges score from the previous round. 
  4. The 12-14 choirs with the most LIKES on their video will go through to the finals. IMPORTANT NOTE: Likes /comments must come from people who are followers /subscribers of UGCY’s instagram and youtube pages. Meaning all choirs must encourage their friends and followers to be a follower of UGCY’s instagram and youtube pages and like their video.
  5. The 10 finalists will be announced by 1st January 2024
  6. Tickets will go on sale 1st Jan (Early bird tickets until end Jan)
  7. Finalists take to the stage at the UGCY 2024 finals in London on March 2024! The requirement will be for each choir to sing for 7 mins.

Judging Criteria

Gospel Choirs are judged by a panel of esteemed, well positioned Gospel and Music experts on their use of the Gospel techniques broken down into the following criteria:

  • UGCY theme
  • Choreography/overall performance
  • Musicality (Rhythm Melody)
  • Effective use of dynamics to create a “gospel choir sound”
  • Arrangement
  • Harmony

Before you submit your entry:

  1. UGCY is open only to choirs that meet all of the following requirements: a) all members must be least 18 years of age as of 31st December 2023; b) the choir must have meaningful relationship with a UK Higher Education Institution and c) at least 60% of the choir must be made up of current students (the remaining can be made up of staff and recent graduates of 2 years who are permitted to take part).
  2. Read the UGCY judging criteria and checked out past audition videos?
  3. Does your choir have at least 8 but no more than 70 members? As part of the entry process, you are required to submit the names and contact details of each choir member.
  4. Is your audition video of good quality and 5 minutes max? Is your Christmas video 1 min max?
  5. If selected as a finalist, note that you will be required to provide your own band/backing track at the finals.
  6. By entering UGCY, all choir members accept that they are entering into the UGCY 2024 competition and are required to be available to attend the main event from 8am until 11pm on March 2024 in London.
  7. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, your clothing/transportation/any accommodation or other costs incurred as part of participating in UGCY 2024 is the responsibility of your choir and/or university.
  8. IMPORTANT FOR GDPR RULES: By entering UGCY, all choir members accept that their details will be added to our mailing list to be used for UGCY communication purposes.
  9. IMPORTANT FOR GDPR RULES: By entering UGCY, all choir members accept that their details may be passed on to our sponsors for job/career related purposes or alternative opportunities. Please contact us if you object to this.
  10. Finalists will be required to create a 60 second video blog of themselves to be featured in the show.


There are 2 steps to enter the competition:

  • Step 1: Choir leader submits entry form on behalf of entire choir
  • Step 2: Individual choir and band members register as participants in the registration form. Note any choir member performing at the finals or featured in videos/pictures need to be registered.

Both forms are required to be submitted to be considered as an entry.






There is a seperate form requesting personal information from every choir member for purposes of:

  1. Confirmation that each member agrees to participate in the competition and they agree to be featured part of videos and pictures used in the competition
  2. Demographic information to be captured directly from participants to support UGCY grant/funding applications
  3. UGCY Communication to be added to a whatsapp group and IG Group
  4. Verification of participants applicability for the competition.

The Choir members form can be accessed via the QR Code below

Good Luck and Gospel Love!