* Take Part in the University Gospel Battles online! *#UGBATTLES*

This month sees the launch of *#UGBattles* hosted by TV/Radio host @MzDru and streaming live across Facebook and YouTube, we’re looking for your best reps for your university choir and go head to head with other institutions across the world. Just think of this as the gameshow where University Challenge meets Gospel.

You think you know your songs? You think you know your artists? You think you know your lyrics? Let’s put it to the test.

See the link below to sign up, along with the details of your 2 selected choir members (name, email address) who will be willing to take part! (You’re reps do not need to be in the same location – they can/will log on separately!) If your uni progresses through the rounds, you can of course swap your reps!

Deadline to sign up is 9th April at 10pm (GMT) 

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